Mapping Nottingham’s Identity is an initiative that aims at bringing together all those involved with the public space in Nottingham. This year we have focused on encouraging public engagement activities, exchanges and conversations with Carrington, Sneinton and West Bridgford. We have worked very closely with local communities and key stakeholders including Sneinton Alchemy, Carrington Tenants’ and Residents’ Association and West Bridgford Infant School, alongside volunteers and members of the general public who have very generously contributed with their time, expertise, skills and good will. The exhibition in Nottingham Central Library (03/09 - 01/10) showcases the beginnings of a collaboration between Nottingham Trent University, neighbourhoods and the general public, which we hope will last for a few more years, giving us the chance to create a platform for dialogues between communities across Nottingham. 


  1. The universities initiative is fab - public space is crucial to our well-being and belongs to all of us! When public space feels unsafe we live behind closed doors, closed off from each other. In Carrington I hope we can involve all the community in caring about the public space we share and caring about each other.

    1. Thank you syd carew! We think exactly the same.